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O'ahu's Golfing Treasures

Tee off amidst paradise on Oahu Island, where lush fairways and breathtaking coastal views await avid golfers. With a selection of world-class courses nestled against the backdrop of stunning landscapes, golfing enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the perfect blend of sport and natural beauty.

Here are just a few of the most popular golf courses on O'ahu that showcase the island's unique blend of challenge, relaxation, and breathtaking beauty:

  1. Hoakalei Country Club: Situated in the master-planned community of Hoakalei, this course offers a blend of ocean and mountain views, providing golfers with a picturesque backdrop as they navigate through lush fairways and challenging bunkers. The course's unique design and well-maintained greens make it a favorite among both locals and visitors.

  2. Ko Olina Golf Club: Nestled on the serene western coast of Oahu, Ko Olina Golf Club boasts a championship course that winds through lush greenery and features stunning ocean views. Impeccably designed by Ted Robinson, this course offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience, making it a favorite among golfers seeking a perfect blend of sport and relaxation.

  3. Turtle Bay Resort: On O'ahu's North Shore, Turtle Bay Resort presents two exceptional courses: the Arnold Palmer Course and the George Fazio Course. The Palmer Course showcases panoramic ocean views and challenging holes, while the Fazio Course offers a more forgiving experience amidst tropical landscapes. Both courses promise an unforgettable golfing adventure.

  4. Kahala Golf Course: Nestled in the prestigious Kahala neighborhood, this hidden gem offers a delightful nine-hole course that's perfect for a quick round or a leisurely game. Surrounded by swaying palms and scenic views, Kahala Golf Course provides a serene golfing escape in the heart of urban Oahu.

  5. Kapolei Golf Club: With a layout that weaves through rolling hills and sparkling lakes, Kapolei Golf Club provides a dynamic golfing experience just minutes from the Ko Olina Resort. Designed by Ted Robinson, this course offers a mix of challenges and stunning scenery, making it a must-play destination for golf enthusiasts.

  6. Royal Hawaiian Golf Club: Set amidst the majestic Ko'olau Mountains, the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club offers a breathtaking course that rewards players with sweeping views and challenging holes. Known for its lush surroundings and tranquil atmosphere, this course offers a unique escape into O'ahu's natural beauty.

  7. Waikele Golf Club: Located in Central O'ahu, Waikele Golf Club offers a delightful course suitable for all skill levels. The course showcases scenic water features, well-manicured fairways, and an inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a relaxing round of golf.

As you navigate Oahu's golfing scene, you'll not only enjoy exceptional courses but also immerse yourself in the island's captivating landscapes. Whether you're aiming for par or simply seeking the joy of the game, O'ahu's golf courses promise an extraordinary golfing experience against the backdrop of paradise.

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