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Serving Community

Jack and May take great pride in supporting the Hawaiian Humane Society through the Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation, showcasing our commitment to the community we live and work in.

Over the past several years, Jack Tyrrell & Company, Inc. (JTC) and the Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation have supported the Hawaiian Humane Society Petwalk. This incredible annual event plays a vital role in raising essential funds to support the welfare and well-being of animals across the island. Most recently, JTC participated in the 2021 Petwalk by accepting donations for massages for humans and their furry friends! The 2021 Petwalk rallied the community together and raised over $250,000 to help the lives of countless animals in need. Through their generous contributions, Jack and May continue to demonstrate their profound dedication to the furry friends who bring joy and love to our lives.

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