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Hawaii Tourism Authority releases destination management plan for Oahu

Over the course of the pandemic, tourism - one of the state's biggest economic forces - slowed down. However, as Oahu opened up and airlines offered uncharacteristically low air ticket prices, tourism dramatically rose. In order to address the unprecedented increases, the Hawaii Tourism Authority published the Oahu Destination Management Plan (DMAP), which identifies key actions to address tourism in the state. Read more from the Honolulu Star Advertiser, below:

The public can now check out the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s Oahu Destination Management Action Plan (DMAP), which says that the agency will work to “decrease the total number of visitors to Oahu.”

HTA’s board of directors approved that DMAP action and others during the July 29 board meeting. The Oahu DMAP has been published on HTA’s website,

“Decreasing the total number of visitors to Oahu to a manageable level by controlling the number of visitor accommodations and exploring changes to land use, zoning and airport policies,” is the top anchor action in the Oahu DMAP.

The DMAP also focuses on several other key actions that the community, visitor industry and other sectors deem necessary over a three-year period. Establishing a regenerative tourism fee, creating reservation systems for natural and cultural sites, managing visitors’ use of cars and expanding and supporting “Buy Local” programs also were key actions.

The plan also hopes to attract more respectful visitors by implementing a pre- and post-arrivals communication program and developing marketing programs to attract “positive-impact travelers who prioritize the environment, culture and investing in our local community.”

“We appreciate the Oahu residents who participated in the DMAP process and passionately contributed their diverse viewpoints, discussed various tourism-related challenges in their neighborhoods and helped set forth an actionable plan that is necessary for the community’s well-being,” said John De Fries, HTA president and CEO. “It’s about continued collaboration and moving forward together to malama this cherished place and each other, as desired by the people of Oahu.”

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